if music be the food of life

reaching for the world, as our lives do

For the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Humber Bridge, a lyrical and hopeful ode quite unlike the Larkin of This Be The Verse and Aubade, read by Sir Tom Courtenay.

(The short film doesn't do Hull justice, according to two colleagues who worked there for several years and were pleasantly surprised and moved by the tribute from a personage familiar until yesterday to them only as a statue and the name of a building, but the words more than suffice.)
if music be the food of life

have music will travel

Was cleaning out computer when found an mp3 of a wonderful bluegrass song, Song of the Traveling Daughter, by Abigail Washburn. The lyrics given on her music website are not exactly the same as the recording I have - though there is a highly entertaining Youtube fanvid using the mp3:

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She was apparently inspired by Meng Jiao's classic poem Song of the Traveling Son (poem with English translation).

More Chinese bluegrass!